• TV Presenter & Broadcaster • Acclaimed Journalist & Writer
• After Dinner Speaker • Conference Facilitator • Motivational Speaker

Judith Hann is one of Britain’s leading science broadcasters and writers. For 20 years she presented the BBC’s popular science programme Tomorrow’s World, which was seen weekly by up to 12 million viewers. She has also written and presented programmes and series of her own for TV and radio on healthy food, the science of ageing, renewable energy, the environment, business matters and the scientific background to personality types. Judith has considerable medical knowledge after presenting most of Tomorrow’s World medical items, as well as fronting the BBC1 programme Watchdog Healthcheck.

After graduating from Durham University with a degree in Zoology with Botany, she trained as a newspaper journalist and then twice won the Glaxo Award for Science Writing. She has always carried on her writing career alongside broadcasting work and has written several books on science, medicine, health and food. Her latest, How Science Works, has sold over a million copies in 20 different languages.

She regularly gives talks and lectures and has linked road shows on energy efficiency and waste recycling for government departments. Judith also chairs major conferences for the EU and many large companies and organisations at home and abroad. She was a member of the Biotechnology Commission, which gave policy advice on subjects like GM crops and animal cloning to the Government. Judith worked for the Royal Society for eleven years, showing scientists how to explain their work in an exciting way to the public. She also runs a media training and communications skills company with her husband, teaching people how to make the most of themselves, and companies how to make the most of the media.

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